Australian input-output database

The Australian input-output database for SimaPro was developed in collaboration with the Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory ( Covering a total of 1,177 national sectors of the Australian economy, it is the most disaggregated, input-output database available worldwide. Satellites include a range of greenhouse gas emissions and water use. All monetary data is provided in basic, producer and consumer prices and represent a snapshot of the Australian economy in 2014.


The Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory (IELab) is a collaborative platform for multi-region input-output modelling and research. Flexible and scalable, IELab is designed to process and analyse economic, environmental and social data from any sector, country or region. It provides high-resolution, time series creation, automated updating, hybridisation and analytical tools.


To order the Australian input-output database for SimaPro, please complete the IELAb Database Order Form and return to