BPIC LCI database in SimaPro format


The Building Products Innovation Council (BPIC) have developed with it members a data library of gate to gate unit processes for building materials.  These are available on their website for viewing and individual download at http://www.bpic.asn.au/LCI.  


Lifecycles has connected these processes to upstream data from the Australasian unit process Library and the Ecoinvent library to produce and working cradle to gate unit process library containing most of the BPIC data. To  complete the database specific decisions have had to be made regarding which upstream processes are to be used and how some none mass flows were to be interpreted.  These decisions are documented in each process.  Life Cycle Strategies provide not warranties to the accuracy of this mapping and for ISO compliance LCA, users should review the mapped processes.


Licensees who use Building Products Innovation Council (BPIC) LCI data with SimaPro products are advised that the use of that data is governed by the “Protocol for the Correct Use of Australian Life Cycle Inventory Data for Building and Construction Materials and Products November 2010” available at http://www.bpic.asn.au/LCI.”


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