imaPro Global Partners



* PRe Consultants

PRe consultants are the developers of SimaPro.

* SimaPro Uk Ltd. - partner in the United Kingdom

* MiSA - parnter in Norway

* Lavola - partner in Spain

* 2B Consultants - partner in Italy

* GreenDeltaTC - partner in Germany

* EVEA Evaluation et accompagnement - partner in France

* 2.-0 LCA Consultants - partner in Denmark

* ESU-services Ltd - partner in Switzerland


North America


* EarthShift - partner in the USA and Canada

* SustainMetrics - partner in the USA



South America

* CLIOPE Group - partner in Argentina

* ACV Brasil - partners in Brazil

* CADIS - partner in Central America, Mexico



* ERDI - partner in Thailand

* Ecovane -  partner in China

* TCO2 Co., Ltd - partner in Japan

* SIPL Simapro Software Development India Pvt. Ltd. partner in India

* Ixon Technology - partner in Taiwan



* The Green House - partner in South Africa


                  imaPro Users

The following organisations are a selection of current users of SimaPro software.

* Hyder Consulting
Packaging, waste and recycling management and general consultancy

* University of New South Wales

Light metals, products

Fuel and agriculture

Products and buildings

* University of Melbourne
Waste management

* Arup
Consultancy; chemicals and water industries, impact of built environment

* University of South Australia
Sustainable design

* Lend Lease
Building and construction

* The Crucible Group Pty Ltd.
Mining resources and production of steel

* The Laminex Group
Panel products and laminates

* Monash University Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Motor vehicles

* Pitt and Sherry Consulting Engineers
Industrial processes and construction

* Curtin University of Technology
Environmental supply chain management