Lifecycles is an experienced provider of life cycle assessment research, consulting and training.  Working with companies and individuals to assist them in implementing life cycle projects of all sizes.  Our suite of consulting and support services ensure that we are able to meet your life cycle assessment needs.

LCA Consulting 

The range of consulting services offered by Lifecycles include:

​A head around a table

​Assisting in a workshop, project design or decision process without provision of specific documented outcomes.

​Streamlined LCA

​​A streamlined LCA comparing different products across their life cycle with some documentation of assumptions and results. Generally not suitable for public disclosure without further work but provides the client with the information needed to commission a public disclosure LCA or make internal decisions of design or material selection.


​Full LCA

​A fully documented LCA comparing options with detailed data collection on the main elements of the study and detailed interpretation of the results.  Output of this would be suitable for environmental product declaration process.​​

Specialised Training

​In house training on SimaPro use or the application or development of Life Cycle Assessment

LCA Support Services


Life Cycle Assessment is the world's best practice method for analysing the impacts of products and services. Becoming experienced and competent at LCA is a major challenge given the complexities of the method and the data it draws upon.


Life Cycle Strategies provides a range of support services to help you overcome these hurdles to deliver quality LCA outcomes while you build up your organisation’s internal LCA credentials.


Goal and scope

Get the project started on a clear footing
to help establish the functional unit and
reference flows, deal with allocations,
identify a data collection strategy and set your
system boundaries. Half a day is normally
enough to go through this process. 
It can also be done with a group of key people
to bring them into the LCA early on.







LCA Support Package

The LCA support package is based on providing support over the four stages of the LCA. The package includes the following:

*  Inventory– Help with structuring the SimaPro model and identifying appropriate data

* Impact Assessment – Help with choosing appropriate indicators and characterisation models
* Interpretation – Support to pull out key conclusions and identify the most important sensitivities


Model Development

Life Cycle Strategies can use your data to build and document a well-structured model in SimaPro, provide the basic results for your reporting, and then hand over the model to you for use as a future template.

Collaborative LCA

We work with your specialists to produce an LCA collaboratively. You learn LCA on the job, get a fully deliverable product at the end, and have an internal model for future use.

Critical Review

An ISO-based critical review of your study to increase its quality and credibility in the market place.

LCA Tools

Specialised software tools developed for ongoing assessment of common products or service systems. This could be paper-based, spreadsheet-based or developed within SimaPro LCA software.