New life cycle management training

Lifecyles is introducing an exciting new training course, especially developed for managers that need to understand complex life cycle information to make informed decisions such as:

  • architects and product specifiers,

  • purchasing agents,

  • environmental managers,

  • sustainability managers,

  • policy makers,

  • educators and

  • individuals who hire contractors to perform LCA studies.

The course will be run in an innovative mix of online and face to face training (in Melbourne), with each student undertaking a life cycle management project relevant to their organisation over three months with individual support from trainers. It will cover the fundamentals of LCA, how it is undertaken and how it is used in decision making, including

  • Overview of high-level frameworks: Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Management, Industrial ecology and Circular Economy

  • Life cycle rules of thumb - A distillation of what we have learnt about materials, products and services in the last 50 years

  • From products to systems: input-output models and understanding the circular economy

  • Managing supply chain risk: Social Hot Spot database and hot spot analysis and biodiversity

  • Making decisions: Appropriate level of analysis, Internal and external use of life cycle data

  • Making claims and communication: ACCC requirements, Avoiding greenwashing, Labels and certifications, including Environmental Product Declarations

The first course is starting in May and limited to 10 people. Find out more here.

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