We love our clients: Green Industries South Australia

Green Industries SA engaged Lifecycles, EconSearch, Colby Industries and the University of Queensland to analyse the potenital benefits of a circular economy to South Australia, in terms of jobs, greenhouse gas emissions and energy use. We are looking forward to presenting the results of the study to you very soon, but in the meantime South Australia's Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Ian Hunter has anounced the formal establishment of Green Industries SA today.

Green Industries builds on the valuable work of Zero Waste SA to maximise resource recovery opportunities, create jobs and improve the environment. A new focus will be the promotion of the circular economy, which encourages materials to be used efficiently and kept circulating for as long as possible, providing increased opportunities for remanufacturing, repair and reprocessing in the State and the jobs arising from that. The establishment of Green Industries SA comes as we celebrate the 40th year of South Australia’s iconic container-deposit legislation in place since 1977.

Read the press release, or go direct to the Green Industries SA website.

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