Life cycle management training starts soon!

If you want to improve the environmental impact of your company or product, you have to understand it first. Sounds simple, but calculating life cycle impacts is traditionally a complex and costly exercise. We at lifecycles are working hard to make sure Australian businesses can use life cycle assessment (LCA) to their advantage. We have been training LCA specialists for years now, but there was nothing available for managers or packaging designers that want to use life cycle information without delving into complex modelling systems. Starting in May in Fitzroy, this comprehensive training is designed specifically for managers and others who need to get to grips with complex life cycles concepts so they can put them to work in their business or organisation. After completing this course,

  • designers and manufacturers will have a deep understanding of how life cycle assessment tools work, and how to improve the impact of their products across their life

  • purchasers and product specifiers will be able to make informed decisions on inputs they are sourcing and reduce supply chain risk

  • managers who outsource life cycle assessments will get a deep understanding of the tools and results of their life cycle assessment (LCA) and how to communicate them to different audiences

  • sustainability managers will learn how to hone in on material environmental issues and track the real impact of their programs.

But it’s more than a course. Each participant will be guided through a three-month work-related project (after the face-to-face training in Fitzroy, Melbourne), by lifecycles’ trainers who work with the best data and tools every day. This is an opportunity to bring a problem or project to the table and learn-as-you-tackle the issue with specialists. Not only do you advance your skills, but you undertake a work project at the same time and you can drill down on the questions that concern you with expert support.

We prefer to train our clients up rather than only providing consulting support- tt’s the same reason why we have invested so heavily in redeveloping our streamlined LCA software for the packaging industry – PIQET. LCA needs to be easier for businesses if we want it to be a relevant decision making tool.

This is the first time this training has been offered in Australia, and there will even be the opportunity to achieve accreditation and become a certified life cycle executive with both the American and Australian life cycle societies.

Find our more about Australia's first Life Cycle Management training here.

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