Lifecycles becomes a Carbon Neutral Adelaide Founding Partner

Carbon Neutral Adelaide is the Adelaide community’s shared ambition to work together and make the City of Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city. Their goal: to rapidly reduce their carbon emissions and build on their international reputation as a city that is green, liveable, smart and creative.

Being specialists in life cycle assessment, a method that calculates carbon footprint as well as other environmental impacts, Lifecycles are a natural fit for being part of Adelaide’s efforts to go carbon neutral. We're proud to be helping make Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city. Regarding our own carbon emissions, in South Australia we operate out of shared facilities in the Tonsley innovation district. By sharing the space and its resources with other tenants, we also share the carbon footprint, tapping into commonly under-utilised assets. Our Victorian office in Fitzroy was selected for its use of natural light and has been retrofitted with compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Virtualisation is also key in keeping our emissions down. Servicing clients across the globe and participating in global consensus-building in the science of life cycle assessment online, reduces travel and keeps our paper trail to a minimum.

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