Lifecycles at ProPak Asia 2019 - 12-15th June


We are excited to announce that Lifecycles will have a stall in the Australian Pavillion at the ProPak Asia 2019 in Bangkok this year. This is the first time for Lifecycles to attend ProPak Asia and we will be demonstrating the PIQET packaging software. Tim will be holding a PIQET workshop as well as showcase PIQET in a live demonstration and will also undertake real-time sustainability assessments on packaging solutions which are brought to the stand. The demonstration includes the ability to assess impacts of the full packaging supply chain, including all levels of packaging and the logistical impacts from the product supply chain. The tool also assesses the impacts of product waste including the manufacturing and disposal of damaged or spoiled products in the supply chain. We will also demonstrate new aspects of the tool including product environmental modelling and organisational reporting. PIQET has a global scope and includes data for 6 Asian regions as well as Europe, the Americas and Oceania. With increased focus on packaging sustainability, we see a growth in the use of sustainable design tools across the region. You can find more information about PIQET on our website and for further information about ProPak Asia 2019 please visit their website.

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