Social Hotspots Database Update

Launch of the updated SHDB V4 for Social LCA

In March, New Earth B released the fourth version of their Social Hotspot Database (SHDB). The new version features an extended multi-regional input-output model, with 7980 different country-specific sectors across the global economy and updated social data including 14 new indicators for socio-economic assessment. The database allows to assess economic sectors in 140 different countries and regions, providing results for 6 impact categories, 26 impact subcategories and 157 social indicators. We assisted New Earth B with the implementation of their model in SimaPro so that SHDB licence holders can access the data as a unit and the system process library on the software, and we are very happy to see the results out in the world. This is a timely update, as the recent enforcement of the Modern Slavery Act in Australia will require many businesses to review their supply chain in detail. The SHDB offers a practical way of conducting a hotspot assessment of your supply chain, allowing to target further actions as effectively as possible. Lifecycles is a distributor of the SHDB Simapro library, for more information contact us here: You can also find more information about SHDB on their website as well as on our website where you will be able to fill in an order form to purchase a SHDB licence and/or service contract.

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