Soil Quality Indicators in Life Cycle Assessment
Consensus Group


There is currently a lot of development around soil quality indicators in LCA. The objective of this group is to get a common and shared understanding of soil quality issues and indicators in LCA, and to form an informal network of relevant researchers and organisations on this topic.


This working group on soil quality indicators in LCA started as a joint initiative of CIRAD (France), CSIRO (Australia), Agroscope (Switzerland), Joint Research Centre (European Commission) and Lifecycles (Australia).


An international team of more than 30 scientists gathered during 2 worshops :

- 30th August 2015 in Bordeaux, as a side event of the LCM conference 2015.

- 18th October 2016 in Dublin, as a side event of LCAFood 2016.


This webpage shares the output of these meetings.

The work is to be continued under the UNEP/SETAC Ecosystem Services sub-group.


Please contact Tim Grant (LCS) or Assumpcio Anton (IRTA) to join the taskforce (contact or

Key contributors


Cécile Bessou, Research Scientist, CIRAD Systèmes pérennes.

Cécile is a research scientist working on the environmental evaluation of perennial cropping systems. She is co-coordinator of the ADEME research project SOCLE dealing with soil organic carbon accounting within LCA.


Sandra Eady, Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO Animal, Food and Health Sciences.

Sandra is a senior member of the Agriculture Flagship working on science to support policy frameworks for agriculture and greenhouse gas abatement. She is leading a series of projects contributing to AusAgLCI, a life cycle inventory database for Australian agricultural processes.


Tim Grant, Director, Lifecycles 

Tim is an LCA specialist and driving force in the development and ongoing operation of AusAgLCI database for Australian agricultural commodities.




Serenella Sala, PhD in applied ecology, is scientific officer at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, at the Institute of Environment and Sustainability.

Since 2010, she is supporting the research activities related to ILCD recommendations on models and factors for life cycle impact assessment.



Vincent Colomb, agronomist, is in charge of LCAs programs for food and agriculture at ADEME.

He is working on sustainable food projects and coordinating AGRIBALYSE program (LCI database).




Gérard Gaillard, Dr. sc. Techn. is Head of the LCA Research Group at Agroscope, Switzerland.

He is a specialist of LCA and sustainability assessment in the agri-food sector (method, data and application at product, farming system and farm level).