About us

Life Cycle Strategies was founded in 2003 by Tim Grant, as a premier consulting company undertaking life cycle assessment projects, training, software support and data development. We have grown, both internally, and with strategic alliances with other consultants and research organisations. In 2016, we rebranded ourselves as Lifecycles.



(Life Cycle Strategies Pty Ltd)


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Lifecycles has developed key relationships with leading research and consulting bodies enabling us to deliver the latest in life cycle analysis techniques and practices.

These include:

* CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Research and Food and Agriculture 

* Australian LCA Society (ALCAS)

* Life Cycle Initiative

* PRe Consultants

Our team


Tim Grant - Director and Founder

Tim Grant is a specialist in life cycle assessment (LCA) with twenty years experience developing and applying LCA with a wide range of companies and organisations. Tim was a founding member and is the current Secretary of the Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society (ALCAS).


He is a co-author of the book Life Cycle Assessment: Practices Principles and Prospects (CSIRO, 2009).


Tim works across many different sectors in LCA including packaging, agriculture, energy, fuels, water products, buildings and waste management. In addition, he has worked on the development of LCA databases for Australia.

Jodie Bricout - Circular Economy Manager

Jodie Bricout is a sustainability professional driving positive change in business in Australia and Europe over the past fifteen years. After having developed and implemented sustainability strategy for clients in water, construction, oil & gas and manufacturing sectors, Jodie started working in LCA in 2010. She developed the [avniR] Life Cycle Platform in France, bringing together business clusters, research institutions, universities and local authorities to improve products, systems and services through life cycle management. In this role, she collaborated closely with the French Government, European Commission, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) the Sustainability Consortium and the Ellen Macarthur Foundation on the circular economy, among others.

Jodie is a board member of the UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative, and the Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation (FSLCI). She is also Research Affiliate with Flinders University's Australian Industrial Transformation Institute.

Paul-Antoine Bontinck - LCA Specialist

Specialising in Life Cycle Assessment, Paul-Antoine has a vast and extensive knowledge of applied environmental science. With over 5 years experience, coupled with a Masters of Environmental Engineering, Paul-Antoine has worked in many fields within the LCA spetrum including research work for RMIT, Life Cycle Management consultancy for Environmental Resource Management (ERM) in the UK and France, and is currently involved with the Vinyl Council Australia in the management of their product stewardship program. Paul-Antoine also boasts a great understanding of product and corporate carbon footprinting, having been involved in extensive footprinting campaigns in the past.

Chrissi Bok - Office Manager

Previously working in (tax) accounting and various customer service/office positions Chrissi takes pride and joy in running the office and making sure everything runs smoothly at the back end.

After finishing her business management degree in Germany she worked in hospitality and accounting before making Australia her new home where she focused on roles in accounting.  

Now Chrissi manages all of our consulting, software, events and training communications as well as our in-house accounting and enjoys the variety of the role.

She also manages the administrative and accounting role for the Australian Life Cycle Assessment  Society (ALCAS).

Marguerite Renouf - Associate

Marguerite Renouf, a Brisbane-based researcher at the University of Queensland, has 10 years’ experience applying LCA to agricultural, food and bio-product systems. She holds a PhD in the application of LCA to sugarcane bio-product systems and has contributed to the scientific literature on this topic. Marguerite is particularly interested in the use of LCA for informing eco-efficiency opportunities and has developed streamlined LCA tools for this purpose. 

As past Director of the Working Group for Cleaner Production at the University of Queensland, she collaborated with manufacturing industries and government clients in projects promoting eco-efficient production practices. She is a past Board member of the Australian Life Cycle Assessment  Society (ALCAS), and Chair of the ALCAS Impact Assessment Committee and AusLCI Agriculture Sector Working Group. In these roles, she facilitates the wider use of LCA for evaluating sustainable food systems, eco-labelling, and policy development in bio-fuels and bio-energy.

Helene Cruypenninck - Associate 

Prior to working at Life Cycle Strategies Pty Ltd, Helene worked as an LCA and carbon footprint practitioner with an environmental consultancy firm in France. She has worked for several international private companies as well as for European and French public bodies. She also has experience as a packaging ecodesign engineer for the French GreenDot System.


Helene has an Honours Degree in Environmental Economics as well as an Honours Degree in Physical Chemistry.